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BP Funds A New Biofuel Process That Turns Ol

    Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have discovered that an old technique for making explosives can be redeployed to p…

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Engine Biosciences expands its digital drug

    Drug discovery is a large and growing field, in which are to be found both ambitious startups and billion-dollar big pharma incumbents. Engi…

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Pacific Biosciences: is the hype for real?

    Check out Dr. Dan MacArthur's assessment of the Pacific Biosciences presentation at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology confe…

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Scientists are racing to reengineer the bana

    [Photo: courtesy Tropic Biosciences]The banana, as we know it, is in trouble. In August, lab tests in Colombia confirmed that a fungus that …

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Dupont confirms merger of its nutrition and

    Ingredients and industry solutions company DuPont has confirmed that its nutrition and biosciences business will be merged with the IFF grou…

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The 10 most innovative joint ventures of 202

    Innovation is a team sport. That is certainly true within companies, but it’s also the case when two organizations partner up to do s…

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