Skype for iOS 8 Adds Interactive Notifications

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The latest version of Skype for iPhone, released Monday, takes advantage of extensions in Apple's latest mobile operating system to deliver interactive notifications, the Microsoft-owned chat service has announced.

With this new feature, you can take action right from the lock screen and notification center to do things like answer voice and video calls, jump to text conversations, and reply all.

From the lock screen, simply swipe left on a notification to check out your new options. From the notification, swiping down on the alert will reveal the same options. once you have selected an option, Skype will launch to complete it.

Besides that, when you get an incoming call you can now choose to answer with voice or video. When you have a missed call, you can ring the person back or just send a message. And when you receive a message, you can jump right to the text box to reply.

"We are excited to offer this feature, and expect to take advantage of many of the other new integrations offered in iOS 8 in coming releases," Skype's Eric Lin wrote in a blog post Monday.

If you have a good idea for a feature you'd like to see, head over to the new Skype iOS Ideas Group to make it known.

Meanwhile, iOS 8 also now includes support for third-party keyboards, so if you're an active texter you might want to check out our roundup of options for a speedier typing experience in the slideshow above.

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