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Male lyrebirds imitate a flock of birds to scare females into mating

    By Priti ParikhBirds threatened by a predator often call out to encourage other birds to make noise and fly about, repelling the attacker as…

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The North Star: A Moving Target

    Midnorthern observers looking high in the southwest on autumn evenings will see the asterism of the Summer Triangle, consisting of Vega, Den…

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No need for males: Female lyrebirds evolved

    Justin WelbergenYou might have seen a video from David Attenborough’s The Life of Birds series where a male superb lyrebird (Menura novaeho…

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AMD Q1 Revenue Surges on Strong Ryzen, Radeo

    AMD’s Ryzen-fueled recovery handed the company its first full-year profits in years in 2017, and 2018 appears to be off to a very stro…

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