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As the Titanic decays, expedition will monitor deterioration

    The Titanic is disappearing. The iconic ocean liner that was sunk by an iceberg is now slowly succumbing to metal-eating bacteria: holes per…

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New Expedition Will Explore the 1898 Shipwreck Known as ‘New England’s Titanic’—And You Can Livestre

    Blood stars and Acadian redfish lurk near plates and a stove from the Portland.Courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and NOAAThe …

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Not Exactly Pocket Science - panic aboard the Titanic, the rise of polar bears and emasculated frogs

    I'm trying something new. Right from the start, I've always tried to write fairly long and detailed write-ups of new papers but th…

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Chandra Catches Extraordinary “Slingshot”

    These images of the galaxy cluster Abell 1775 show X-rays from Chandra, optical data from the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii, and radio data…

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Lego’s New 9,090-Piece Titanic Set Is

    lowSlideCount) { %>of/g, '') %>LEGOAs much of a Lego expert you think you are, even your capabilities (and patience) will be teste…

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