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Petition: Punish Poachers Who Use Wire Snares To Destroy Wildlife

    Wildlife poaching drives species extinction. In fact, the impending sixth mass extinction will largely be caused by the killing of animal sp…

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Rescuers Free Elephant Caught in Poaching Snare [Video]

    Snares are hunting traps set up by poachers that are simple to make, but extremely difficult for animals to get out of on their own. The tra…

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Japan Snares First Kavli Institute

    The University of Tokyo announced today that the Kavli Foundation is giving $7.5 million to itsInstitute for the Physics and Mathematics of …

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How DNA recovered from pill surfaces could s

    Credit: Flinders UniversityForensic scientists have for the first time shown that DNA can be recovered from the surface of capsules after ju…

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