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Smart Bandage Warns of Wound-Healing Problems

    AdvertisementA group of researchers from the US, South Korea and Germany has developed a liquid bandage that can map oxygen concentrations i…

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Fact or Fiction?: Underwire Bras Cause Cancer

    AdvertisementSometimes they lift. Sometimes they separate. But do underwire bras cause cancer? Could it be that the very garment designed to…

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Smell Receptors Activate Ant Aggression

    Credit: Thomas FuchsAccurately distinguishing friend from foe is a matter of life and death for ants: mistaking an invader for a nest mateor…

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Pulling Gs in a Fighter Plane: A Space Repor staff writer Miriam Kramer gets her helmet ready with the pilot Russell Campbell before flying the Marchetti SF 260.(Image credit:…

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Good Luck With Your Carvana Purchase

    Photo: AP (AP)Carvana, the online used car selling platform that has made billionaires out of its founders, is also a little dubious because…

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