Puppies Born Ready to Play With People, Per New Study

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A new study had found that puppies are born ready to interact with people, CNN reported.

Emily Bray, a post-doctoral research associate at Arizona Canine Cognition Center at the University of Arizona’s School of Anthropology has done the research that confirms that puppies love us as much as we love them!

“Puppies will look at and return a person’s social gaze and successfully use information given by that person in a social context from a very young age, all prior to any extensive experience with people,” Bray shared.

Bray’s research has focused on guide dog development. Guide dogs make excellent research subjects since their genetics are tracked. It’s easier to tell with guide dogs which behavior is nature versus nurture.

Noted in the journal Current Biology, Bray and her team members studied 375 puppies and gave them tasks including following hand and eye gestures and cues from humans. Even at a young age, some puppies could follow a person’s cue towards a cup where a treat was hidden.

“Most of the puppies chose the right cup 70% of the time,” Bray said. “They’re not perfect, but it’s definitely better than chance. There’s something that they’re picking up on, even at 8 weeks old.

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