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Dementia: The often ‘missed’ warning sign when watching a film that’s an ‘ea

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Dementia is a general term for clusters of symptoms associated with brain decline. Popular depictions of dementia focus primarily on memory loss but this is not always the first red flag. In fact, “the early symptoms are often more subtle if you start to develop it before the age of 65”, notes Hussain Abdeh, Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct.

Mr Abdeh continued: “Behavioural and personality changes are often early indicators of dementia, although if these occur in younger people, it is often misdiagnosed.

For example, the pharmacist pointed out that a person who is very passionate about a particular hobby or activity may start to feel apathetic about it and lose interest.

“This can lead to a general feeling of apathy and disinterest,” he explained.

One telltale sign may also surface when watching a film, warned Mr Abdeh.

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“These signs are often missed by many health professionals if they occur in younger adults and may be attributed to more common factors like stress at work.”

Research has concluded that by modifying the risk factors we are able to change, our risk of dementia could be reduced by around a third.

Exercise can also bolster the brain’s protection against dementia, notes the NHS.

“Older adults who do not exercise are also more likely to have problems with memory or thinking,” the health body explains.

You should follow the recommended guidelines of doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week, such as brisk walking, cycling or dancing, it advises.

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