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Valve Tears Down Steam Deck to Explain Why Y

    The Nintendo Switch was a massive hit, but it’s a bit underpowered and limited by design. Valve is looking to build on the same form f…

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Study of bird droppings in UK highlights imp

    Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public DomainA trio of researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Edinburgh has found th…

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PS4 Earns High Marks for Repairability in iF

    Sony showed off its own in-house deconstruction of its new PlayStation 4 last week, but iFixit has now chimed in with its own teardown, whic…

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Why boiling droplets can race across hot oil

    Researchers have determined why droplets are propelled across a heated oily surface 100 times faster than on bare metal. Pictured are variou…

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